How to Access Citadel Direct Payment Method

Players can find Citadel Direct at online casinos in the banking section of the online casino. In the banking section players need to choose the Citadel Direct payment method and they are then taken directly to the Citadel page where they enter their own personal sign in and login details for their own personal bank account. The Citadel Direct payment method is totally secure and encrypted offering a direct and fast option for money transactions to the players casino account.

There is no waiting around and no need to wait for approvals or even to convert currency since players are able to make their deposits directly into their casino accounts from their bank account. The Citadel Direct payment method acts a bit like a picker in a candy store, it is directed to the right place and from there it is given the instruction on how much to pick and also when to pick.

The Main Advantages of the Citadel Direct Payment Method

One of the main advantages of Citadel Direct at online casinos is that it does not need separate passwords and usernames. Players do not need to remember yet another password in order to extract money from their bank account and deposit at the online casino. In the same way a player can withdraw winnings from his casino account directly back to his bank account using the Citadel Direct online withdrawals. All that he has to do is choose Citadel Direct as his method of withdrawal, enter his personal details and direct sign up to his bank account and the monies will be withdrawn directly to his bank account.

Secure Gaming with the Citadel Direct Payment Method

Playing online casino games knowing that there is a secure and simple way for purchasing at online casinos that does not involve any waiting around or any complicated activities means that the player is free to concentrate on the games he is playing and enjoy the whole experience more. There are three reel slots and five reel slots, video pokers, table games and a number of excellent instant win casino games to enjoy. These are supported around the clock with a full customer service and support team and there are a number of excellent generous promotions and sign up bonus offers rewarded to each player, both new and returning players.

The Citadel Direct payment method means that the player is free to enjoy all that is good at the casino and not to worry or be concerned about his deposits and withdrawals. Each transaction is secure and quick, there is no waiting around for checks to clear and no conversion costs at all. Players at the online casino prefer a safe and secure method for banking and this is definitely given with the Citadel Direct method. Apart from the support and service given by the online casino, players also receive direct support from the Citadel Direct service that includes a list of frequently asked questions that may come up together with phone numbers for customers to call. Occasionally there are also special offers available that are advertised on the Citadel website or through the online casino.

By using the Citadel Direct method the player is hassle free and can concentrate 100% on the games he is playing and the promotions he is taking to ensure the best and most productive gaming experience. The player does not have to register in advance to use the Citadel Direct service and once he has started using it, he will immediately reap the benefits and confirm the excellent service and usefulness of Citadel Direct.