Avalon Online Slots

The Avalon online slots is a high-action slots game Experience the thrill of the medieval era and live through the quests of King Arthur and his Knights; or be Queen Guinevere and have the greatest King and the mightiest Knight fall for you; or be the custodian of the powerful Excalibur, you can have it all and be all in Avalon. According to this myth, the Knights of the Round Table brought King Arthur, Lady Marion and faithful Merlin the Magician to the island of Avalon after the battle of Camlann. The knights wanted to supply Arthur with a quiet spot where he could recover from his wounds, but events turned baffling when the Lady of the Lake presented King Arthur with Excalibur, the magic sword, that confirmed Arthur's claim to the royal throne of England.

The Avalon online slots bring this atmosphere of mysticism and fantasy to life with genuine money mobile online casino payouts for Canadians.  The online casino bonus games bring players to the Avalon Island where a gratifying combination of modern real money prizes and ancient riches abound with real money slots betting just waiting for you.

Digital Technology at its Best

The remarkable details, the splendid graphics, the true to life sound effects all contribute to giving you the actual feeling of being transported through time when Legends were real. The production of the Avalon video slot is truly a blend of outstanding work of art and awesome technology. You will definitely enjoy the sensation of mystery and magic of the Golden Age.

Mobile Slots Real Money

The slot machine is a five reel, twenty payline mobile slots of fun and excitement. Avalon is one of the most popular mobile slots games at the casino. Avalon mobile slots are one of the Canadian mobile casino games that you can play at any time and from any location on your smartphone or tablet device.

How to win the game

Naturally, what you should look for are treasure like crowns, jewels, and chalices because these are your winning items. In addition, you could even win up to 105,000 coins as jackpot prize! Who wouldn’t want a chance like that? You will definitely enjoy lots of free spins, which increases you likelihood of winning real money.

The Lady of the Lake is very generous in giving out free spins because she absolutely wants you to win.

Popular Free Play Option: Card Gamble

The Avalon slots game has the popular Card Gamble option that make winning with free play even faster and easier.  Each time a spin or feature result in a win, players can try to double or quadruple these wins by guessing the color or suit of a random card from a normal deck. 

Wins can be doubled or quadrupled numerous times with massive prizes for fortunate players in just a few minutes.


The Avalon slots game has autoplay options. These options are offered with real cash, free play and "for fun" playing sessions. The autoplay permit players to enjoy the slots game without clicking on a spin button after every round. The free play bets are placed as the player desired and bonus features are played and awarded. 

If you want to play the Avalon slots game with a casino free play bonus try to use autoplay options. The autoplay will complete the free play requirements very fast while claiming all prizes won at the same time.

The Avalon Slots game has a jackpot of 3,000 times the winline bet with five wild Avalon symbols on an active winline. 

When you go with a slot free play with Avalon then note the impressive free spin bonus feature. Enjoy 12 free rounds on the Avalon slots game with extra wild symbols that make winning alot easier and where all prizes are multiplied by a value from 2 to 7. You can win up to 21,000 times the winline bet with a single free spin! Getting Started

To get started, direct your browser to the casino webpage and sign into your personal casino account. Click on the "Mobile" tab and submit your cell phone number and country of residence. Within a few minutes the casino will send you a text message with a link to the mobile casino app. Click on the link and enter the casino where you can select Avalon as your game choice. Make your first deposit to begin to explore the legendary world of King Arthur and his entourage while you spin for cash prizes, bonus free spins and a special Gamble round.

If you want to take a few minutes to prepare for your real money game, enter the casino's Free Mode and play for free. Avalon is available in both the Real Mode and the Free Mode so you can take advantage of the no deposit. Free Mode and practice the game for as long as you want. When you're ready to play for real money, move back to the Real Mode and start playing for real. Avalon payout percentages are one of the highest in the Online Slots casino.