Ladbrokes Has Much to Offer Including High Payouts

Ladbrokes is a full-bodied online casino and sports betting site.  There is simply a great wealth of options to choose from at Ladbrokes.  A little later in this review of Ladbrokes we will go into some of those options but, now, we would like to discuss one of the least-considered aspects of online gaming, online casino payout rates.

Every reputable casino allows an independent outside body to calculate its casino payout percentages in several gaming categories.  The independent body that performs this service for Ladbrokes is Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) which recently calculated Ladbrokes’ online casino payouts.  The overall percentage was an amazing 97.39% led by video poker at 98.71% making Ladbrokes casino payouts among the highest among the thousands of online casinos.

One reason that payout percentages at online casinos are so important is because it lets you know that the casino is honest with its customers.  Every number is randomly created by software called the Random Number Generator (RNG) but a dishonest online casino may alter the RNG to create lower payout percentages. 

Another aspect of payout percentages at online casinos is that they are generally higher than at land-based casinos because online casinos have less overhead.  A land-based casino is a labor-intensive enterprise, as they employ large numbers of people to serve the gaming public.  This is certainly fine in itself but the online casino, which employs many people who make sure that the casino runs smoothly, has far fewer ongoing costs.  This is translated into higher online payout rates.

Now, About Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is a venerable name in the gambling world.  It was established way back in 1800 as a conduit for wagering on horse races.  Ladbrokes has grown to the extent that it has 2700 sports betting outlets in the United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, and Belgium.  Of even more interest to the online gamer, Ladbrokes boasts of having 800,000 online customers worldwide.  That number should elicit confidence in gamers looking for a good and safe place to play.

Ladbrokes has a sports betting side and an online casino.  Here we wish to concentrate on the casino, but one quick word about the sports betting side.  You can bet on so many games worldwide, in so many sports that, if sports betting is your greatest interest, Ladbrokes may be the best site for you.

Casino Games

Ladbrokes has literally hundreds of games to choose from.  To begin with, they have hundreds of slots; but they have much more.  They have slots in every possible variation including retro 3-reel slots to the more modern 5-reel slots and the ultra-modern 243 ways to win slots.  They have slots in every theme or genre so if you like adventure-themed slots and your significant other likes romance, you can divide your time between both genres and have hours of online gaming fun together!

Ladbrokes offers hundreds of video poker and table games and a wide selection of lottery games, arcade games, bingo, and scratch cards.  At Ladbrokes you are certain to find many enjoyable casino games.

 Easy Demo Mode Play

With such a large number of games, you may want to sample them in Demo Mode.  Ladbrokes makes it easy for you to do so, not even requiring registration to play in demo mode.


Ladbrokes has an excellent Welcome Package of a 100% bonus up to $500.  In addition, Ladbrokes has many other promotions, some ongoing and some one-timers.  They make it easy for you to keep abreast of all the promotions with a simple sign up for exclusively promotional information sent to your mailbox.

One ongoing promotion is Sunday Market which gives you the chance for cash bonuses, free spins, cash back, and comp points.  Comp points are another way Ladbrokes serves you, by rewarding you for playing


Ladbrokes has no fewer than 39 jackpot games.  Jackpots often exceed $1,000,000 but it is not just the high jackpot amounts that make Ladbrokes stand out.  They have jackpots in almost every gaming category including arcade games.

Mobile Casino

Ladbrokes has always been in the forefront of innovation, be it in sports betting or casino gaming.  Thus, Ladbrokes has established a mobile casino.  The mobile casino is designed to support both sports betting and casino gaming.  The download is simple and the instructions for downloading are easy to follow.

Ladbrokes introduces new games to the mobile casino as soon as the software provider can refit the games for mobile.  Given that mobile can no longer be called the wave of the future, you can expect Ladbrokes Mobile to grow fast, to satisfy the gaming and sports betting needs of the modern, active person.

The mobile casino is an adjunct of the parent casino so, just as Ladbrokes’ online casino payouts are among the highest, they can claim to have among the highest mobile casino payouts.

Live Casino

Many online gamers enjoy going to an online live casino.  There you can interact with the dealers and get some of the pleasure of being at a land-based casino without the hassle and extra expense of travelling there.  In the live casino at Ladbrokes, you can play roulette, baccarat, casino hold’em, and blackjack.


Ladbrokes offers a wide range of banking options.  Safety and privacy are vital concerns to the online gamer.  Ladbrokes does everything it possibly can to protect your privacy and your guarantee the safety of your money.  Transactions go through an encryption system so the many prying eyes that unfortunately roam the internet will have no chance to see your information.

Customer Service

You can contact Ladbrokes via chat, mail, or telephone any time.  Ladbrokes has a toll-free number for Canadian players to make serving you as easy as it can be.

Give Ladbrokes a Try

We began this review with a discussion about Ladbrokes online casino payouts.  We emphasize again that Ladbrokes has always been a leader in casino payout percentages.  But Ladbrokes is so much more than high payout percentages as important as that is.  Ladbrokes certainly warrants your interest.