Play Christmas Market at All Slots

The All Slots Casino offers Canadian gamers the opportunity to play Christmas Market at All Slots and add to their casino winnings throughout the month of December. The casino features a wide range of bonus gifts that you can access with no additional deposits. Just play your casino games as usual and enjoy added amenities including Free Spins on the casino's most popular slots, free gaming credits and cashback deals.

The casino marketplace in Canada is full of gift options. All you have to do is to play your games as you usually do and collect your Loyalty Points. Then, take those points to the Christmas Market and use them to purchase your choice of bonus give-aways.

Gaming Platforms

The Christmas Market bonus is available on all gaming platforms. Regardless of whether you play at the Download Casino on your laptop or desktop PC, at the Flash Casino on any Internet browser or at the mobile casino on your smartphone or tablet screen, you'll be able to apply your casino activities to the month's Loyalty Points, exchange those points for Christmas Coins and enter the Christmas Market where you can purchase your choice of casino gifts.

You don't have to commit to any particular platform to participate in the Christmas market promotion. Play on your PC in the morning over your first cup of coffee, on your mobile device while you're riding the train to work, at the Flash Casino on your work terminal's browser and then back on your mobile as you relax in the evening before you go to sleep. All of your accumulated Loyalty Points will be turns into Christmas Coins for a satisfying Christmas of fun, excitement and bonus earnings.

Christmas Spirit

Today Christmas is celebrated in almost every country of the world, either as a spiritual day of reflection and contemplation or as a festive day in which family and community join together for some fun-filled festivities.

Gift-giving on Christmas has ancient origins. The early Christians incorporated existing pagan festivals and winter solstices into their celebration. These pre-Christian holidays involved giving gifts – often food and drinks – and that aspect of the holiday became part of the Christmas celebration as well. When stories of the generous St. Nicholas became a part of the Christmas lore, the tradition of exchanging presents was reinforced.

There have always been Christian sects that disapproved of the tradition of giving gifts but over the years the custom prevailed and celebrants generally exchange gifts around the world.

All Slots Christmas

All Slots gamers join the Christmas celebrations by collecting their own swag. Throughout December, Loyalty Points collected both before December and during the month become redeemable for Christmas Coins. When a player is ready to redeem his coins at the Christmas Market, he clicks on the promotion page which brings him to the marketplace. Then, he clicks on the type of promotion that he wants to purchase with his coins and collects his gift.

Gifts include free bonus credits, cashback bonuses and free spins on the casino's popular slot machines.

  • Cashback bonuses allow you to add one bonus point to each game deposit. You purchase the bonus before you make your deposit. As soon as you make your bet your cashback bonus will be awarded. The corresponding number of Loyalty Points will be subtracted from your Loyalty Points total
  • Free bonus credits are calculated in the same way as Cashback bonuses are calculated. Once you make your deposit you'll receive your bonus credits. The number of Loyalty Points that you used to buy your Christmas coins are then deducted from your previous Loyalty Point total.
  • Free Spins are available on the popular casino slot machines including the Avalon, Bridesmaids, Secret Santa, Santa's Wild Ride and Immortal Romance slots. If you have 250 coins you will receive $10 of free spins; if you have 1200 coins you will receive $15 of Free Spins and if you have 400 coins you will receive $20 of free spins.

Casino Games

You can earn Loyalty Points on all of the online casino table games, card games, lotteries or slot machines which are then redeemable for Christmas Coins. Table game enthusiasts have their choice of both European and American roulette as well as craps and baccarat. For card game aficionados the casino offers a wide range of single-hand and multi-hand poker and blackjack variations. Gamers who are interested in a quick play with instant win results have their choice of casino lotteries such as scratch card, sic bo, keno and bingo. For slots fans the All Slots Casino offers a wide range of three-reel classic slot machines and five-reel video slots. Loyalty Points are awarded for all of these games, providing gamers with a fun-filled gambling adventure with Christmas bonus coins.   

Boxing Day Draw

The fun doesn't end when the market closes on Christmas Day. All Christmas Market bonus purchases include a ticket to the Boxing Day Draw which takes place on Boxing Day. The casino will be giving away $25,000 in Boxing Day prizes, so keep your tickets safe and see how much of the Boxing Day give-aways you can collect.

Boxing Day prizes range from $5 for 1000 winners up to $1000 for 5 lucky winners. There are also winning prizes of $500, $100, $50, $25 and $10 in-between, totally $25,000 in Boxing Day casino prizes. If you're a Boxing Day Draw winner you'll receive notification within 48 hours to enhance your holiday celebrations.

Christmastime just got better with the Play Christmas Market at All Slots promotion.