Two Variations of Major Millions Mobile Slots

The Major Millions Mobile Slots game is presented as a mobile slots game in the same way it is presented at the online casino. Players may opt for the three reel game with one payline or the five reel game with fifteen paylines. Both games are played in exactly the same way with a few additions in the video slots game with the fifteen paylines. Both versions are linked to the same progressive jackpot that grows with every player that places a bet on either game.

The free app slots allow for the player to review the game but because of the progressive jackpot, he is not able to try out the game for fun or practice. But if the player is new to the online casino and the mobile slots, he can start with low value bets and increase the value of his bets as his confidence grows. In order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot the player must place a maximum coin bet but this does not mean he has to use the highest coin size.

How to Win the Major Millions Mobile Slots Progressive Jackpot

The Major Millions Mobile Slots game with three reels and one payline has all the information for the game on screen.  The logo of the game acts as a wild symbol and when one lands on the payline it will double the winnings for that line. If two of the logos land on the payline, the winnings for that line are quadrupled and if three of the logos land on the payline with a single coin bet, the player wins 25000 coins, with a two coin bet the player wins 50000 coins and a three coin bet with three of the Major Millions Mobile Slots symbols wins the players the progressive jackpot.

The five reel version is played in the same way with the addition of a scatter symbol. Three of the scatter symbols on screen award players 3x the coin bet placed, four of the scatter symbols award players 10x the coin bet placed and five of the scatter symbols award players 50x the coin bet placed for that spin. The wild symbol in the five reel fifteen payline version of the game is also the logo of the game and it can take the place of other symbols to make up a winning payline in addition to offering handsome payouts on its own. Three of the logos award players 80 coins, four of the logos award players 280 symbols and five of the logos award players 800 coins for that spin.

Winning the progressive jackpot when playing the five reel version of Major Millions Mobile Slots is achieved by landing five of the wild logos of the game on the fifteenth payline. As with the three reel version, players can choose their own coin size according to their personal budget but it is always best to try and bet on all paylines in order to be in with a chance to win the progressive jackpot.

 Symbols and Color in Major Millions Mobile Slots

This online casino game has been excellently adapted to a mobile slots game and there is no difference playing the game online or through the free app slots. The screen is smaller but that does not detract from the excitement of the game and the incredible rich colors that make up the different symbols still glow and shine through on the smaller screens of the mobile devices.

Symbols in the three reel version of the game include a red and blue seven, cherries and bars. The five reel version of the game includes additional symbols including the Captain of the Major Millions ship, his hat, the ship and few more nautical symbols. Each symbol is clear to see and adds to the atmosphere and excitement of the game.