Mega Moolah Mobile Slots

Mega Moolah mobile slots is simply mega fun. What’s not to be fun about an amazing Canadian mobile slots game that is set in the African bush and has a progressive option? The game is simply one that you won’t want to miss and that will make you happy the entire time that you are playing. It actually has, if you can believe it, not one but four progressive jackpots and each time that you play you’ll see the amazing mobile casino games payouts and will want to come back for more.

Starting Out

As you start with the Mega Moolah mobile slots game, you’ll see that it’s set in the savannah. There are birds making noises overhead and the sun is going down in the background of the game. There is a lion, a monkey and many other creatures that set the scene for the African savannah. Such creatures include the buffalo, the giraffe, the zebra and the kudu. As you would expect in the Savannah, the lion and the monkey are the main players here. The lion is wild and a multiplier and he can set in for any of the other symbols to create wins. He also doubles the regular payouts when you check out the mobile slots payout rates. The monkey is the scatter and if you have two or more of them anywhere on the five reels you’ll get a win. If you have three or more, you’ll get 15 free spins with tripled payouts.

Bonus Fun

Now, the real excitement with the Mega Moolah mobile slots game starts with the mobile casino games bonus section. The progressive jackpot bonus game is actually random which means that anyone can get to it at any time and you don’t have to have spun a certain combination. And, believe it or not, unlike most of the other mobile casino games, you don’t have to have bet the max amount to be eligible for this part of the game. You just have to be playing for real money and you’ll have a chance to get here. Now, when you see the Progressive jackpot bonus game with the Canadian mobile slots, you’ll see that’s it a wheel. The white part is the mega jackpot, the yellow is the Major jackpot, the orange is the Minor jackpot and the red is the Mini jackpot. You just click on the spin button and see where you end up and you’ll then win the progressive jackpot that corresponds to that section.

Amazing Chances to Win

The mobile slots payout rates are awesome here and the chances to win are bountiful. It’s not often with mobile casino games that there is a progressive round that doesn’t require you to have bet the max, and that there are actually four different possible ways to win the progressive. And keep in mind, of course, that with the Mega Moolah mobile slots you are playing from your mobile and can do so on the go anywhere that you happen to be. Get into the Savannah spirit today and have a blast with the mobile casino games payouts and the action here. The game has never been easier to get to with the mobile casino apps and with the ease of use from your mobile device. And it will keep any player occupied for as short or as long as a time as desired. Have a blast today.