Riviera Riches Mobile Slots

You may never make it to the Riviera, but you can feel like you have with the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots game. This game offers two games in one, allowing any player to enjoy the amazing benefits of the game and the fun that can be had. The game is set, of course, in the Riviera and includes all of the glam and high life that you would expect from this theme. You’ll see the women dressed to the nines, the fancy cars, the men and the money. All of this glamour is intended to help you to feel like you’ve hit the big time as you play real money mobile casinos and have a blast.

Getting Started

As you start out with the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots game, you’ll see that this is a slots game with a roulette game in the bonus section. The game has 5 reels and 15 paylines and includes amazing features. Pay attention with the payouts at Canadian mobile slots, for the wild symbol as it can help you to make those great payouts. Here, it’s the Riviera Riches logo. If you happen to get five of these symbols on enabled paylines, you’ll have one of the amazing mobile slots games payouts. It’s worth 1500 times the bet that you’ve made. The scatter symbol also helps with payouts at Canadian mobile slots and it’s the chips and money symbol here. If you have only two of them you’ll have a payout here. If you have three or more, you’ll get to the 12 free spins with tripled payouts. And this is where the mobile slots bonuses really start to add up.

Roulette As Well

While you’re playing the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots game and you’re enjoying mobile slots bonuses, you may see the Roulette symbol. Then, it means that the game will switch to playing roulette in the bonus round. Here, you’ll get two spins on that roulette wheel and you’ll place a bet for each of the spins. Other bets will also be made for you that go with the numbers that you’ve selected. You’ll get a payout, no matter what, with the mobile slots bonuses, that is at least four time the total bet that you’ve made.

Having a Blast on the Riviera

Make sure as you play Riviera Riches Mobile Slots that you play for real money to enjoy the real perks of the game. Of course, you may want to start out in demo mode to get a feel for the game and the fun that can be had. But the real money mobile casinos only offer awesome payouts if you’re putting something in as well. And by keeping that in mind, you won’t be disappointed when you suddenly realize that you may have hit some of the mobile slots games payouts…but that you weren’t playing for real money at the time.

Get in the Fun

With the payouts at Canadian mobile slots and the fun of playing two different types of games, the Riviera Riches Mobile Slots is the best place to be. How often do players get to enjoy slots, and then go to a roulette game and return to their slots? This is a great way to enjoy two games in one and to have a blast. And, doing so from a mobile device adds a level of convenience to the experience that simply can't be matched by other games.