Cupid's Target at All Slots with $100,000 in Bonuses!

The online casino industry in Canada is only getting better and better as time is passing by. Now, not only will players be able to enjoy many wonderful games, benefits and rewards for joining the casino, but they will also be able to enjoy one of the most special and romantic promotions created for Valentine's day. From January 31st to February 27th there is no doubt that everyone wins spins, cash and more at All Slots!

How? Since so many prizes, benefits and rewards will be offered during the Cupid's Target promotion, there will be no chance someone will be leaving without receiving something! A shared prize of $25,000, for example, will be divided among players EVERY week during the promotion, special $1000 bonuses will be given to players, and even special multipliers will also be credited to anyone who is up to the requirements. Don't wait any longer and start playing now!

Many Casinos Hosting – a Lot of Opportunities! Simply Start Playing!

The first question you want to ask yourself should be – where to play? Surely, once All Slots Casino is hosting the promo, it is only natural to check out this casino first. However, since First Web Casino, All Jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino will also be hosting this event, it is almost mandatory for players to see their offering as well. Usually, players who choose to learn more about casinos which host promotions (as well as games) they simply love, find out many other great benefits are offered, including welcome bonuses, great games, and even other special promotions and rewards. Don't miss an opportunity to play more games you love!

In order to start playing, a player is required to opt in. Since there are four separate rounds at this promotion, players will want to opt in to every round separately, so they will be able to play the whole month long! Opting in is quite easy and can be done in one of the following ways: click “Play Now” on the landing page of the promotion; through “My Offers” section of the casino; by clicking “Play Now” or Earn Tickets Now” on Cupid's Target promotional emails.

Dates & Times of the Promo and the Draw Dates

Now that you know where to play, and how to do so, the next obvious question would be – when can you get started? Keep in mind that the more games you will play, as well as more days, the greater your chances to win at the end of every round will get. The promo is comprised of four rounds in the following way:

Round A – will get started on January 31st, 00:01 am GMT, and will last for a whole week until February 6th, 23:59 pm GMT.

Round B – will be getting started two minutes after the end of the first round. February 7th 00:01 am, GMT until February 13th 23:59 pm GMT are the dates and times you surely want to remember.

Round C – this round is one before the last. That is definitely the time to play more games than ever, and to increase as much as possible the winning chances! February 14th 00:01 am GMT, until February 20th, 23:59 pm GMT, will be the dates and times to accumulate points!

Round D – that is the last chance to make a change! Don't miss it, and play from February 21st, 00:01 am GMT until February 27th at 23:59 pm GMT right now!

It is also important to keep in mind that at the end of every round a draw day will be taking place. The dates and times of the draw days are as follows: Sunday, 7.2, Sunday, 14.2, Sunday, 21.2, and Sunday, 28.2!

Wait, When is the Draw Day, and How Can One Join?

The draw day is most probably THE exciting event of Cupid's Target promotion! This event, which takes place four times during the promotion is very special since then players get to win the shared prize of $25,000! The prizes will be divided in the following way: 1000 players will be announced as the winners of 5 credits each, 250 gamers will be the winners of 10 credits each, and 100 players will be able to receive no less than 25 credits, each. 50 players will be the winners of 50 credits, each, and each of the lucky 25 players will be eligible to win nothing less than 100 credits! Lastly, 10 fortunate players will be the winners of 500 credits, each, and the 5 top winners of the draw day will win 1000 credits each. Keep in mind that each player is be eligible to win up to 1 prize per draw. SEK players will enjoy a 10X multipliers on their prizes value.


Now the most important question is – how to be eligible to participate in the draw? Well, first of all, it is important to opt in to the promotional round. After this phase is complete, players will only have to play and play! Once players win 50 loyalty points at the casino, they are immediately eligible to participate in the draw. However, the race for winning is not over yet! The more points players will accumulate, the grater their chances will get to win at the draw! That is so since every additional 50 points a player wins, will grant him with another ticket to the draw. The more tickets a player has, the greater his chances are to have one of his tickets pulled, and therefore the greater his chances to win get.

Announcements of Winning

Congratulation! Now that you are officially a winner of the draw, all that is left is to inform you with all the details! This will be done by an SMS text message, email and a message within the software of the casino! Stay tuned!

Prizes Never End – Additional Benefits of Cupid's Target

Did you think these are all the prizes and benefits waiting for you in this promotion? If so, you better think again! Here are two additional prizes you will probably like to know more about:

The Increasing Multipliers

Differently from the SEK multipliers which increase the prize value of players, these increasing multipliers raise the number of tickets players have, and thus increase their chances to win, and to win BIG at the special draw day. For every 3 days, or more, that a gamer is playing at the promotion, the bonuses will be triggered. This way, a player who won, for example, 2 ticket by the third day he is playing, will enjoy the 3X multiplier, which will grant him with 6 tickets right away! If this person keeps on playing, and reaches to the 5th day at the casino, the number of tickets he won so far will be 5X multiplied. 5 tickets, for example, will become 25 tickets in no time! The multiplier is not applied on tickets given by the casino. The available ticket boosters are: 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X and 7X.

Valentine Weekend

Prepare yourself for a super romantic weekend, with more prizes than you ever imagined! Three players who will be spotted playing at the casino during 7-10.2 will enjoy a $1000 prize value which they will be able to use during the valentine weekend: 12-14.2. Are you up for it? Start playing now!